Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two weeks on...

Iv'e had some mixed results with the seeds I planted. The beetroot are up and looking good. Also the radish but who can't grow radish. The onions and carrots are hardly to be seen. It's been very hot and they've only been getting watered once a day. Could have dried out a little as the seeds are very small and very close to the surface. Or the seeds were a bit old even though they were in date. The other day I planted some seeds of French radish (these are an elongated kind with a mild flavour I have grown before) and two types of beetroots, both heirloom varieties from Cornucopia Seeds, Chioggia (white rings inside) and Golden. I also put into those little peat pots that you soak, Romanisc Broccoli (it looks cross between a cauli and a broccoli). I've eaten it and it tastes great... lets hope they come up

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