Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Perfect Peach

The tropical gardens and coconut-husk barbecued seafood of Bali is still in my nostrils....BUT It's lovely to be home and in the garden again. While it's still very hot, the summer veggies and fruit are performing beautifully. We have had a few peaches from a tree still recovering from a severe prune by the man of the house. They were so perfect and fragrant that I made them into a centrepiece for a lunch-party I was having.
There have been loads of small plums which I have been stewing up and eating with yoghurt for breakfast. And cherry tomatoes which are still coming despite the bushes suffering from severe heat stress when the watering-pipe connector had fallen off. These little tomatoes I have been roasting with  olive oil, salt, and chopped basil. I put a tray of them in the oven on 100c first thing in the morning and they are done by lunchtime to perfect soft sweetness.