Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Started!

I have decided to play with this blog as a way to document my gardening and artistic journey. We have opened the garden many times over the last ten years donating the money to various charities. Last Spring we supported Variety Club. I hope to show photos of my latest artworks and post successful recipes I have created. I'm no technohead when it comes to the computer (I mainly use it to play Bridge on BBO with people from all over the world) so this blog is a new challenge, especially since the boys have left home and I no longer have 'free I.T. support' in-house! But here it goes...
This is a photo of some Louisiana Iris I have growing in and around my pond. They flower in late October. I also have some white flowering ones too. They multiply up quite quickly if they are allowed to. I have seven goldfish that I introduced to the pond. Lots of native frogs come and go depending on the weather. I'm sure the iris love all the poo from these animals but mostly they enjoy the company
You can see little forget-me-not (myosotis) under the stone bench. These seed themselves very freely in shady corners all around my garden. Too freely in places where they form a thick carpet preventing more delicate annuals from access. In the background is the beautiful foliage of Japanese wind flower (Anemone hupehensis). These have ethereal, poppy-like, white flowers in late summer and autumn. They demand a shaded home and whilst they will survive dry conditions, they perform their best, when given a moist root run.
Thats my first post. I'm not sure how I got the photo part way down the text when I put it in first. But it actually looks better there. Smile/grin xD
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  1. I just posted a comment and now it has disappeared (and I can't remember what I wrote - something like this)....

    All fascinating stuff you gardener/artiste extraordinaire!! The same cannot be said of Glen's efforts in the potato patch. Ha ha - you win!!! Definitely - sorry Glen!

  2. =^..^= Oooo here I am at the beginning.
    I discovered your little oasis on another blog,
    of course I hopped on over.

    What a treat.

    I am ready to move into your garden.
    I could be a little faerie & live under a toadstool. Please?
    You will hear not a peep from me, but a sigh now and again.

    ::dreamy::wonderful:: Sigh

    I cannot wait to read every morsel of your blog! xxzu