Wednesday, March 9, 2011

From Chook Yard to Vege Garden

Our latest project has been the creation of four raised vegetable beds in what was once the chook yard. I have long since given up on chooks as foxes and dogs
just kept managing to get in somehow. I have access to some lovely organic free range eggs here in town so I don't have to keep chooks for eggs. I do miss having the girls around though.
Their old house will make the perfect 'hobbit-sized' potting shed after we remove a few bits of roof and replace with clear plastic. Some serious cleaning and renovating will be going on in the next few weeks!
The garden bins (built by hubby) are very deep and have taken a lot of layers to complete. We have two finished so far and into them I have planted seedlings: dwarf beans (hope it's not too late), spring onions (Red Legs) and Cos lettuce. I also put in a few advance pots of basil and parsley as mine had all died of thirst while we have been away over summer.  Seeds direct sown: radish (Red Rubin), Carrot (Early Nantes), Spring onion (Straight Leaf), Beetroot (Detroit Red). All these seeds were on 'Seed Tapes' I had in my supplies and are still in date so I thought I'd use them up. In future I will prefer heirloom varieties as I order them. I must say though, it was very easy to plant them this way!
So I'll be giving them a light going over with some organic liquid fert and some Boron for the beetroot. Yum!

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