Thursday, January 12, 2012


Crayfish Rice Paper Rolls
I've been away on our boat for 2 weeks on Rottenest Island. The weather was allsorts but the boys did a lot of diving catching crays and Dhufish. I'm not a huge fan of large crustacians BUT I came up with this idea of making them into rice paper rolls. I made a spicy dipping sauce and they were just the ticket with a glass of bubbly.
I have been in the kitchen all week since I got back home- I do miss creating recipes from the garden. I came home to a dozen cucumbers so I sliced lots into a spicy vinegar mix to keep in the fridge. I used a few different vinegars, chilli, garlic and celery seed. No salt - they taste great!
Didorf Salad
I couldn't wait to get my new dome sprouter going again so I filled that up straight away and today I created a Didorf Salad: Red Apple, celery, feta (low-fat), toasted hazelnuts (local) with Adzuki, fenegreek and alfalfa sprouts. I just tossed it in a light mustard viniagrette.
Summer Veggie Gnocchi
Other must sees this week was the first of the zucchinis with what's left of last years potaotes turned into veggie gnocchi with loads of fresh herbs including fried sage leaves. I've made this before many times and find I can knock it up in 30-40 mins - preparing the other ingredients while the spuds boil. Gnocchi needs a light touch so mixing and rolling out should be quick and rustic. I like to saute the cooked gnocchi in the garlicy oil I have done the veg in. Then put it all back together at the end. It gives the gnocchi a browned-off look and better texture. Of course a few shavings of good parmesan are essential too!

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