Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chilli Jelly

I have been wanting to make some Chilli Jelly ever since I bought my Jelly Bag, which incidently was really hard to track down. I used a regular apple jelly base (750g chopped cooking apples including cores and skins, 500mls apple cider vinegar, 700 mls water) and added 5 chopped chillies. Boil for an hour and you should end up with about 1 litre of liquid after draining for a few hours. Do not squeeze it out or you'll have cloudy jelly!
Make it as you would jam by adding 500g sugar per 600ml of juice and boiling for about 30mins. I'm really happy with the taste (just the right amount of heat), consistency ( a little runnier than jam) and colour. Aaaaaw so pretty.....

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