Friday, November 25, 2011

Late Spring

The Spring veggies have nearly finished except for artichokes and broccoli
which just keeps on coming.....

Into the old veggie garden the few remaining leeks have gone to seed and producing the most beautiful flower buds which will explode into the large, lilac-coloured, flower heads typical of all alliums.

I have put in here 8 each of yellow acorn squash, green zucchini and Lebanese cucumbers.

The new raised beds are taking so much filling! Everytime I plant a new crop I layer in another load of soil improver, peastraw and sheep poo (or rather hubby does!). A few weeks ago I planted into one some capsicum and tomatoes with basil in between. These are flourishing with the help of a weekly watering of *Harvest.
Today I planted the other raised beds with silverbeet, bok joi, bok choy (bok meaning green) and more beans. The latest bushes of beans are nearly ready to start picking. The 4 wine barrel halves (ex-'spud-off') have been moved, filled, reticulated and planted with herbs, strawbs and a dwarf pod pea. I've put a few bamboo stakes in there to keep those happy just in case they need a little support.

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