Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Potato Harvest

It has been lovely to be back in the garden, particularly my new, raised-bed vegie garden. My potao plants died back while I was away (much to the horror of my house-sitter) as they should. I had harvested a few new ones before I left and have had a couple of goes this week. Now I will upend the whole lot, harden the crop off for a few days, then store them in bags.
I don't actually eat a lot of spuds - fried too fattening and otherwise 'dead' calories BUT I will have to make an exception here... Boil them first to half cooked then shallow fry until crisp. I made them this way with drinks when my Mum and Dad came over last week. As you can see in the background, Glen's are still active. What a difference a few weeks make.
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  1. I think, you are very talented person. O.K.

  2. thankyou Mr Martin that means a lot to me