Friday, March 9, 2012

Eating plenty of salad will surely put a ‘Spring’ in your step. Think about variety of colour, texture and taste in every mouthful.  Here is a handy acronym I came up with to help create perfect salads.
j  S  easonal Vegetables and Fruit
k  P  rotien
l  R  ice
m  I   nject Flavour
n  N  uts and Seeds
o  G  laze  ...
j Include a range of diced, seasonal veg: red capsicum, green leaves, radish, spring onion. Include some lightly steamed or finely chopped broccoli, cauliflower or beans.  Don’t forget leftovers like roasted pumpkin or beetroot. Also add some chopped fresh fruit.
k Add healthy protein: a tin of beans or chickpeas; low fat dairy or egg; chicken, fish or lean meat.
l Use brown rice, Quinoa or other healthy grains.
m Put in your favourite fresh herbs (lots of parsley is so good for you!), a handful of dried fruit, some sprouts, chopped jalapeño   or whatever you have that will give it a kick along.
n Chopped nuts, seeds that have been toasted in a dry pan or add Chai or sesame seeds.
o Think glaze not dress – a splash of flavoured vinegar or a spritz of citrus juice mixed with a few seasonings.

Here is a great healthy food site I came across: It has loads of wonderful salads and vegetarian food :)

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